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Hello sir/madam,

Thank you for affording Readymaids the opportunity to prepare a house cleaning estimate for you. This estimate is based on the facts provided by you. It will be our pleasure to speak more with you about how our services can be of great benefit to you.

Choosing a person or team to clean your home is a decision to be made carefully. Our cleaning teams are trained, courteous, efficient, professional, screened, bonded and insured. These are all-important considerations when you select a company or person to work in your home. Rest assured that we can do the job to your satisfaction…and that’s our guaranteed to you. Should you not be entirely satisfied call us within 24 hours of completion of the job and we will rectify it at no charge to you clean it again.

In accordance with your inquiry, below is the estimate.

Days of operation: Monday thru Saturday

Hours of operation: 8:30am to 5:00pm

Service Address:


Service Includes:

Team of 2 cleaners

All products and equipment are provided.

Rooms listed for service:

  • Living Room
  • Family Room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • 4 Bedroom
  • 3 Bathroom
  • Stairs
  • Hallways
  • Laundry Room

Blinds: Will be dusted with a lambswool


  • We cannot pick up/move anything more than 10 to 15 pounds.
  • We cannot guarantee grout/caulking.
  • We cannot guarantee that all stains and scuffs will be fully lifted or removed.
  • We cannot guarantee that all hard water stains and build up with be removed completely

Special Instructions:

Only the rooms listed above will be serviced. If there are any additional rooms/areas, that you would like cleaned, an additional fee will apply.

Service Fees:

Additional Services offered:

  • Inside Refrigerator:  $55.00
  • Inside Oven:  $55.00
  • Inside Self Clean Oven: $25.00
  • Outside Windows (first floor only): $ 10


First Cleaning:

Additional Services:

Grand Total:

Policies and Considerations:


In the event that you are needing to cancel or reschedule, please contact our office 1 business days prior to avoid a cancellation fee of $100.00.

Products and Equipment:

Most of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and designed to be effective on a variety of household surfaces. Our products are compliant with OSHA regulations designed to keep our employees- and your home- safe. Because OSHA requires that our employees carry Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and receive training for any products they use, should you wish for us to use specific products for your cleaning, kindly make prior arrangements with our office. Should the product/s violate the California environmental safety regulations or put the safety of our employees at risk, we reserved the right to refuse usage of such product/s.


For the safety of our employees, cleaning teams will not pick up or move anything more than 10-15 lbs nor climb ladders high than the provided 2 Feet Ladder.Teams carry a 2-foot step ladder and use extensions if necessary. Non-slip shoes are provided for all employees and must be worn in the home (no slip covers). If medical needles are used in the home, employees are prohibited from emptying trash cans and changing bed linens. Please notify our office prior to the cleaning.


If you have pets please be aware that we do not clean up after them. Teams are not allowed to clean up any vomit, feces, or blood. This also includes cat litter. For the safety of pets and employees, we do ask for pets to be secured during the cleaning.


The cleaning will be much more effective when the teams do not have a great deal of items to contend with while cleaning. Please pick up toys, clothing and other items that would be in the way before the teams arrive to clean.

Olawale Akomolafe

Bosede Sanusi
ReadyMaids, LLC
O. Box 39485, Tracy, CA 95391