Readymaids has been able to consistently provide superior and quality services by maintaining close contact with our customers, understanding their specific needs and requirements, tailoring our service delivery to those needs and staffing those deliveries with trained, professional, bonded, insured and closely-supervised personnel who share and reflect our integrity and excellence. Our services save you money, and hassles.


If you’re like most homeowners and businesses, you don’t just want clean windows, you want professionally and safely cleaned ones – windows which enhance your business prestige and outlook.

Armed with a bottle (or two) of vinegar, some ammonia-based cleaning solutions, perhaps some Windex, paper towels, and some squeegees, almost anyone can “clean” a window and that could be ok – if streaky, fuzzy-looking windows panes, streaked with dangerous and harmful chemicals dispensed by untrained hired help can be said to be “OK”.

Your time is valuable, and you demand the best. We provide the best services, without wasting your time.

At Readymaids, we don’t just clean windows – while we do indeed leave your windows sparkling clean, we are a crew of experienced, certified, trained, environmentally- and safety-conscious professionals with our own proven and unique 3-Step superior cleaning methodologies which leave your windows streak-free, safe and well-maintained.

we know how valuable your time is. Readymaids crew is ready to do the scrubbing and cleaning for you.

With our 3-step cleaning process, the streak-free cleaning is done for you.

OUR 3-Step (No drips. No streaks. Hassle free.) cleaning methodologies consist of:

  • Sills Removal – This enables us to get to the real dirt and Grimes. Anything less would be unprofessional.
  • The Rub-and-Scrub – This is how we release the buildup of grease, grime and airborne contaminants from your windows.
  • The Squeeze-Out – Once we eliminate the dust, dirt and Grimes, we deploy our professional-grade equipment to squeeze out any residue, removing 99.9% of the water and dirt from the pores of the glass.


First impressions are important, whether your business is in a big corporate office building, a retail store, a bank, or a hotel. Readymaids has the people and the tools to keep your commercial building clean and looking its best so as to give you and your staffs an environment to be proud off thereby boosting productivity. Readymaids offers several types of commercial cleaning.

Readymaids will make sure the work area is a safe place for everyone to spend their day.

No matter what type of commercial building you have, we can set up a cleaning schedule that works for you. Whether you need the floors vacuumed every day or you need a weekly cleaning, Readymaids will work with you to make sure your needs are meet and surpassed.


Make sure your office makes a great impression on clients, customers, and more with the commercial office cleaning services from Readymaids. We will customize the cleaning process to fit your needs and your space to ensure that your facility is always looking its best. Our office cleaning services include:

Services include:

• Carpet Static Control
• Furniture Cleaning
• Furniture Soil-proofing
• Vinyl, Ceramic, Quarry Tile, VCT Tile, Grout, Marble, and Wood Floor Maintenance
• Wall Cleaning
• Floor Striping and Waxing
• Glass & Window Cleaning
• All floor types Maintenance
• Concrete Cleaning and Sealing
• Odor Control
• Waste Removal
• Carpet Cleaning and Extraction


No matter how big or small the number of employees in your work place, Readymaids can work with you to develop a program to address your daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly professional cleaning needs.

Impress your guests with entrances and lobbies that have bright, glistening doors and sparkling windows, spotless surfaces, and a neat reception area. With a clean office environment, you will make a good first impression that will last all the way to the board room. Since employees spend a great deal of their time in the office,  keeping them free of dirt and germs is essential to employee health and well-being. Readymaids will keep your workplace spotless. Your employees will notice the difference thereby enhancing productivity. Our teams are trained to properly clean office system equipment.


A thoroughly clean post-construction building provides the finishing touch, and great look the building deserves, Readymaids ensures this is the norm not the exception as we pride ourselves in providing extraordinary service.
With dust, dirt and grime covering most of the surfaces post-construction project, you want a company who can transform your workspace and give it the attention it deserves. Readymaids is your company of choice to provide a superior post-construction cleaning service.
Once your residential/commercial construction project is complete, look to Readymaids to provide the final thorough and detailed cleaning that’s needed post-construction debris has been removed. Our staff is dedicated to going above-and-beyond service expectations, with resources readily available to do the job quickly and effectively. We will work with you or your appointed representative to make sure your building looks its very best and ready for occupation.
Readymaids works with you or your appointed representative to handle the final clean-up on any construction project timely and within your budget.
Our post-construction clean-up services consist of:
• Damp mopping hard-surface floors
• Vacuuming and spot treating carpets
• Thorough cleaning of interior glass
• Thorough cleaning of restroom fixtures
• Dusting Air Diffusers
• Cleaning Lights and fixtures

Apart from the above basic services, we can also perform specialty cleaning services, such as window cleaning, floor striping and waxing and deep carpet cleaning. Once you have completed your construction or remodel, Readymaids is the ideal partner to provide ongoing cleaning services based on our intimate knowledge of the building.


What is being green?
To be green is about more than just cleaning products, spokespeople or Payoff lines.
Readymaids makes life greener, cleaner, healthier and happier. We are committed to the health of our customers, employees and environment. We are doing our bit to saving the planet.

Is it really green?
Is it really green if a company DOESN’T optimize their routes to save gas, reduce miles driven and minimize carbon emissions, reduce paper usage by sending emails and soft copy receipts/invoices?

Keeping the earth clean too
We proudly make sure that the products, tools and processes we use are in the best interest of our planet and every individual whose life we touch. We are an environmentally safe, green cleaning company.

We believe
People should live in clean and healthy homes without the use of hazardous and harmful chemicals, employees should have healthy, safe and rewarding careers, and we should be environmentally responsible.

Does your cleaning company…
• Group clients geographically to reduce driving time and fuel use?
• Use reusable bottles, buckets and bags?
• Reduce paper waste by communicating via telephone and e-mail, and store records electronically?
• Promote the use of efficient washing machines to reduce the waste and contamination of water?
• Purchase supplies in concentrated form, and from sources with environmentally friendly supply chain and distribution systems?
• Use washable, reusable micro-fiber rags that capture dirt, dust and allergens better than
disposable paper towels?

• Train employees to use the correct amount and type of cleaning product for each part of
Your home and office?

And of course, use safe, effective and responsible cleaning products?